About FlexiMed  

Kelly Blake

I'm Kelly, director of FlexiMed Training and i run the day to day business side. It is my job to ensure that your initial contact with us is what you need it to be; whether that be answering a quick question about our first aid courses or booking in training at your venue in the UK.


I will usually be the first person you speak to (or type to) and i will ensure that your requirements are relayed on to the rest of the team, so that you receive the very best training. 

I'm a self confessed workaholic, with four children, and 2 Golden Retrievers  I love Zumba and the Gym, but i have to say that I am probably the happiest on the settee, under a blanket watching a great criminal drama. 


Associate First Aid Instructors

We use a large number of instructors, based all around the UK to provide you with a first class service. 

There are far too many to single out here however they all share one common aspect - All our instructors are:

Full Trained - You know you are getting the best and most up to date information and training.

Fully mobile - All of our instructors complete your first aid training at your venue

Fully insured - It is a requirement that all instructors hold liability insurance.


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