Eye Injuries

Eye injuries

Act Fast: 

DO NOT attempt to touch or remover anything EMBEDDED in the eyeball


  • When a casualty has severe pain, constant tearing, light sensitivity, or blurry vision after being poked or hit in the eye, hold a cool, wet cloth/compress over the area and head to A&E. They may have a scratch on the eye's surface, which is treated with prescription drops or ointment and usually heals within 48 hours.


  • If a chemical has been splashed in the eye, hold the lid open and flush with lukewarm water and call your Dr 111 or 999 in an emergency.

  • If something has become embedded in an eye DO NOT attempt to remove it and transport the casualty to hospital as soon as possible.

  • To protect the casualty's eye on route to hospital, cover with a sterile dressing (if possible) and secure into position. Keep reassuring the casualty throughout. Injuries to eyes can be very scary and keeping the injured person as calm as possible is important.

Follow-Up Care: 

  • Monitor for pain and vision problems in the weeks that follow an eye injury. These could be a sign of traumatic iritis, an inflammation of the coloured part of the eye, or a deeper injury.

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