First Aid for Parents

Being a parent is tough. Suddenly you are no longer responsible for just yourself. You start seeing everyday objects in a different light. You see the choking hazards some foods present, or the bump which can result from the corner of a table. The broken bones from falling out of a tree house or the grazed knees from falling off of a bike. 

Unfortunatly we cannot take these fears away, however we can help you be prepared for everyday accidents and illnesses. We can give you the information and knowledge to cope with these emergencies


This short, informal course, covers primary and secondary care skills for infants and children. Knowing what to do in an emergency is an excellent life skill  and the course covers many subjects that you may come across. The First Aid for parents Training course is fun and informative and has been enjoyed by hundreds of parents so far.


The aim of this course is to provide you with basic information that you can remember, it will also give you lots of confidence to cope with emergencies. There’s always time to ask questions, giving you plenty of reassurance.




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