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Blended Paediatric First Aid (VTQ)


Course Information

This course is an alternative to the 2 days in the classroom for those who need to complete a Paediatric First Aid Course to comply with the requirements of Ofsted, EYFS and SureStart. 


Our blended course offers a video based online course that is completed before attending a full day in the classroom with an instructor to complete the practical part of the course. 


This course offers an excellent alternative for those who are simply unable to spare the time to attend 2 days in a classroom only course. 

All courses are delivered, evaluated and quality assured in compliance with Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations (1981). Delivered in accordance with the HSE and 2015 Resuscitation council guidelines.

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines


This course comes with a Certified CPD Statement for 12 Hours. 


Role of first aider | Dealing with emergencies.

First Aid kits and accident reporting.

Unconscious but breathing (Recovery Position).

 Infant and Child CPR | Choking  | Spinal Injury.
Shock | Injury and Illness assessment | Anaphylactic Shock.
Electric Shock | Serious Bleeding and minor bleeding
Burns and Scalds. Suspected Fracture

Head, Neck and Back Injuries | Cases of Poisoning.
Foreign Bodies in Eyes and Noses | Bites and Stings.
Effects of Extreme Heat and Cold | Febrile Convulsions.

EpilepsyAsthma | Sickle Cell Anaemia | Diabetes.

Meningitis and other Serious Sudden Illnesses


Online  + 1  day Classroom


Up to 6 Trainees - £600

Up to 12 Trainees -£800

Training is completed at YOUR venue






Anyone working with children

Additional information 

  • Assesment is ongoing throughout course

  • This course is available via Full classroom 

  • Complies with Ofsted & EYFS Requirements

  • Friendly & experienced trainers

  • Interactive, engaging and memorable training

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