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First Aid Apps - Cyber Saviours?

First aid apps - fleximed first aid training uk

As we live in a very technical age, it will be no surprise to you that there is technology out there to assist you in a medical emergency.

Smartphones are at the cutting edge of this due to the fact that most people carry them everywhere they go. Whether it is an apple (IOS) device or an Android device that you own, there are multi-platform apps available from the app stores of the various devices.

First aid apps can be potential lifesavers in an emergency and you may have seen the link on our Facebook page about the new app that is designed to assist you in a terrorist attack or mass shooting. Below I am going to outline some of the pros and cons of these cyber saviours!


  • Regular updates on new treatment methods

  • Simple to use

  • Straight forward lifesaving advice

  • Instant ability to dial emergency services and active phones loudspeaker (on some apps.)

  • Children and teenagers will be able to provide First Aid

  • Increased chance of saving a life.

  • FREE


  • No replacement for “hands on” First Aid training.

  • Technology does not account for lifesavers disabilities, i.e. arthritis

  • Could be confusing to less technically minded people.

  • Possibility of accidental 999 calls

  • If the phone battery dies your own your own.

  • Can give people a false sense of security.


So what’s my conclusion?

Can they save lives and help you in an emergency? Yes

Should it be your sole level of First Aid knowledge? No.

My personal recommendation is to take a First Aid course of some kind even if it’s just a basic First Aid course. This will give you the hands on knowledge and practical skills you need. The app can then be used to support your learning and jog your memory in a real emergency.

Furthermore, first aid apps are useful for introducing children and teens into First Aid so that they will be better able to cope in an emergency situation.

Use them for what they are…a tool.

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