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K.I.S.S Keep it simple..

Most people leave a first aid course with a great deal of knowledge and a little bit of confidence in their ability to handle a medical emergency. However with the passage of time your knowledge and skills can get a little rusty and you can pretty much guarantee that the one time you have to put your training into practice you can’t remember what to do!!.

First of all this is normal. Unless you work in the medical sector you are not likely to come across situations involving sick or injured people, so fear and apprehension are perfectly normal reactions. So what do we do? First of all stay calm and remember the well-known acronym: KISS. (Originally used by Kelly Johnson in the ‘60’s and subsequently the US Navy)

All you need to remember are the basics and the rest will come to you naturally and if they don’t well you will not do any harm by following the simple steps below: 1: If they are not breathing, breath for them and do chest compressions. Or just do compressions! 2: If something is bleeding put pressure on it. 3: If something has been burned cool it down with cool water for at least 10 min’s. 4: If something looks broken or dislocated do not try to move it.

See simples!! So the moral of the story is if you get completely mind blank, then stick to the basics, and as always "IF IN DOUBT, GET YOUR PHONE OUT" Dial 111 for advice or 999 in an emergency. Until next time stay safe and well!


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