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First Aid training for kids - A skill all children should have

first aid training for children in norfolk - fleximed first aid training

First Aid is a subject that makes some adults cringe and some adults interested, new parents in particular.

First Aid produces these reactions due to the fact that in most cases it is a forced learning experience as a result of normal working regulations and is typically viewed as ‘dull’ or ‘boring’ or ‘blowing into a plastic dummy.’

The impact and importance of First Aid has been lost over the years, some due to old fashioned and un-dynamic teaching styles, not to mention ‘death by PowerPoint’ teaching methods. However, I am a firm believer and supporter of the introduction of First Aid training into the National Curriculum, as are most of the First Aid training organisations and Awarding Bodies. The subject was put before Parliament last year and never really progressed due to lack of MP support, there were obviously bigger issues to deal with like their pay rises!

Fleximed Training has been providing free first aid for schools for some time, primarily for years 5 and 6 in Primary schools, I feel I can say it has been a big success; from a personal point of view I feel it has been some of the most rewarding work I have carried out in my training career! I can say hand on heart that working with these children and knowing that if they are alone with a parent or carer and the parent or carer is taken ill or injured suddenly, that they are able to stay calm, safe and activate the emergency services. They may even provide lifesaving treatment such as CPR, recovery position, and choking treatment. This gives me an amazing sense of pride.

First Aid training that the children have received has given them confidence and life skills, along with supporting their education through the integration of National Curriculum subjects such as science. The children are inadvertinly learning about the anatomy of the body which is studied at this stage in their education and it stimulates their interest in the subject. Furthermore, learning these skills has inspired some of the children to want to look into a career in medical fields.

In concluding I would like to say that by teaching children First Aid we are giving them a Skill for life not just for work. Plant the seeds of interest now and they will grow into a tree of knowledge, the fruits of which in years to come maybe more Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics to support our collapsing National Health Service.

For further information or if you would like to get your school involved in this FREE scheme then email: Yes, it is FREE and NO there is no catch (other than keeping me topped up with cups of tea.)

Thanks for reading and until next time, stay safe.

First aid training for kids in school - fleximed first aid training Norwich

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